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In August 2015 GCR COIN was launched onto public trading platforms.  The constant high trading volume of the coin is a reflection of the long and prosperous future the coin will have. 

Presently their are 100,696,206 in circulation. Approximately 60% of those GCR Coins are being held by GCR Coin holders for the high return which will be generated in the near future as the price of the coin steadily rises.

If you are one of those lucky GCR Coin Holders then you form the basis of the GCR COIN FOUNDATION.  As you would know most GCR Coins holders are located all around the world and their is no central location that unites all GCR Coin Holders where we can come together to discuss the future of the coin and get information of the progress of the GCR Coin.

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Out of the darkness comes a light, a new shiny future for the GCR Coin and its Community.

The GCR Coin Foundation would like to announce the swap of the old GCR Coin to the new GCR token.

The new GCR token is an ERC20 Ethereum based token.
The GCR token swap is taking place on the Primereum Platform as of 9 am GMT on the 15th of February till 5 pm GMT on the 15th of March 2020.

The GCR token swap is taking place on the Cryptrox exchange as of 9 am GMT on the 11th of February till 5 pm GMT on the 12th of March 2020.

The GCR Coin Foundation is already making arrangements to list the new GCR token onto other reputable trading exchanges and has already formed a partnership with and

The GCR token will be accepted in the Primereum Eco System along with other reputable Cryptocurrency and will be able to be traded on the Cryptrox exchange as of 11th February.

Over the years the GCR Coin Foundation has made many attempts to have the GCR Coin accepted onto trading exchanges and other Cryptocurrency platforms. GCR Coin was 1st introduced to the marketplace in August 2015 and was hugely accepted within the community. It had great potential, 1st coming onto the marketplace on Bittrex and Coinpayments, with selling orders starting at 0.40 cents USD. It held its market price for over one month and had a very high market volume which was increasing daily until the price suddenly started to plummet for no apparent reason.
It was discovered shortly after, that the GCR Coin network had been hacked by its original programmer and developer. The GCR Coin was dumped onto the market, well under its market value. This caused the value of the GCR Coin to drop and it has struggled to recover from this disaster ever since.
GCR Coin at this time was being marketed by a marketing company in the USA. Shortly after the dumping of the coins the marketing company closed its doors, leaving 1000’s of people holding bags of GCR Coins.

The community came together and created the GCR Coin Foundation and have over this time made many attempts to attain the source code of the GCR Coin Blockchain, so that security updates and improvements in the GCR blockchain can be performed but to no avail.

Over the years Cryptocurrency has made huge advancements, but the GCR Coin has not changed. The GCR Coin Foundation has made many attempts to get the GCR Coin added to reputable trading exchanges but has always come to the same scenario being they are not the original developers and do not possess the Source code and currency libraries.

Recently the GCR Coin Foundation decided to create a new GCR Token, which is an ERC20 token to bring GCR up in line with the latest Cryptocurrency technology. The decision to do this would dissolve all previous problems and could now create a new solid future for the GCR Coin community and its coin. This also means that GCR token will be able to continue to grow and perform in the industry as it was originally intended to do.

GCR token has already been accepted onto the Cryptrox trading exchange and will also be accepted on the new Primereum platform along with other reputable Cryptocurrencies.

GCR token is a representation of what Cryptocurrency truly stands for. As supportive as the community was over the past 5 solid years in supporting GCR Coin, it is imperative to bring this new development to the community to keep inline with technology. Now as a community together we can take the new GCR token to the next level and give the GCR token the value it is meant to have.

A lot of Cryptocurrencies have come and gone over the past 5 years, but GCR is still here, still standing tall. At times things have looked quite grim for GCR Coin, with prices moving up, then being dumped back down, it has been a constant roller coaster ride while it has only been available to be traded on 1 main trading exchange. By changing over to the new GCR token, we give GCR a new lease on life and out of the darkness comes a light, a new shiny future for the GCR Coin and its Community.

The GCR token swap is taking place on the Cryptrox exchange as of 9 am GMT on the 11th of February till 5 pm GMT on the 12th of March 2020.

GCR Eth Token specifications

GCR Token Specifications
> 100,000,000 — GCR tokens in circulation
> 60,000,000 — Swapped from GCR Coins
> 40,000,000 — Rewards payable at a ratio of 5% Per Annum

The GCR Token has a mobile wallet, which will be available on the Primereum Mobile Wallets for Android and IOS through the Google Play Store and the App Store.

People who store their GCR tokens on Primereum will be rewarded with a 5% reward per annum, which is calculated daily.

The final details of the rewards program will be announced at a later date.

Cryprox Exchange will announce the GCR Coin Swap to its account holders via Social Media and other public channels. They will provide public instructions on how their members can swap their GCR Coins for GCR tokens.

The GCR Coin Foundation encourages all GCR coin holders to swap their GCR coin for GCR tokens as quickly as possible as it has also been a concern of the foundation that there are possibilities of the GCR blockchain security not being up to the standards that it should be in 2020.

Once the swap period is concluded, the GCR Coin Foundation will no longer have any ties to the GCR Coin and its blockchain.

Cryprox will also stop deposits of GCR Coin onto their exchange after the conclusion of the swap period.

Primereum will also stop deposits of GCR Coin onto its platform after the conclusion of the swap period.

The CEO of Cryprox and the CEO of Primereum both strongly agreed that GCR Coin holders should participate in the swap as soon as possible, so as not to miss out if at any time they choose to close up deposits because of a ‘security issue arising’.


NB: Developers at GCR Coin Foundation had realized an imminent threat by an unknown hacker who is working to breach the security of the GCR coin blockchain. We wish to inform all users of GCR coin that; If at any time during the swap, Cryptrox or the Primereum development team discovers any security breakdowns within the GCR Coin blockchain network or wallets, they retain the right to cease the swapping of the GCR Coins on their discretion.!network

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The GCR Coin Foundation has formed a partnership agreement with PRIMEREUM.
Primereum is offering all GCR Coin holders the opportunity to swap their GCR coins for the Primereum Fuel token (PMF) The PMF token is anchored to the value of 1 gram of gold. You can swap your GCR to PMF at a ratio of 1GCR to 1PMF The Primereum platform has set their timeline to go LIVE before the end of 2019. You can receive updates on the progress of Primereum by visiting their website or social channels.






For all GCR Coin support for your Green Desktop Wallet, you can now receive one on one support from the Crypto team at Primereum.
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