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Participate in the GCR Coin Swap. 
The GCR Coin Foundation has formed a partnership agreement with PRIMEREUM.
Primereum is offereing all GCR Coin holders the opportunity to swap thier GCR coins for the Primereum Fuel token (PRMF)
The PRMF token is anchored to the value of 1 gram of gold.
You can swap your GCR to PRMF at a ratio of 1GCR to 1PRMF
The Primereum platform has set thier timeline to go LIVE before the end of 2019.
You can recieve updates on the progress of Primereum by visiting thier website or social channels.






For all GCR Coin support for your Green Desktop Wallet, you can now receive one on one support from the Crypto team at Primereum.
GCR Support: